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New director loves welcome at the library

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Carrie Becker was asked what she was most looking forward to with her new position as the director of the New Hampton Public Library?She thought for a moment and laughed.“I can’t wait to have a discussion on an adult book,” she said. “I’m not saying I don’t love children’s literature, but to dive into an adult book is going to be fun.”Becker began her duties at the library last Wednesday after spending the past five years as a librarian at Lincoln Elementary School in Charles City. She has also worked 16 years as a part-time assistant at the Charles City Public Library.And to say she’s excited for her new challenge is an understatement.“When I found out Pat was retiring, I was interested almost from the start,” Becker said Friday during a meet-and-greet that was held to introduce her to the community. “My kids are both in college, and I thought it’s my turn now to really have my career.”And she’s grateful that Ipsen, who has been the library’s director since 1986, is working through July 1.“I can’t tell you what a blessing that is for me,” she said. “To be able to tap into Pat’s experience, Pat’s knowledge, is going to make this transition so much easier.”Becker said that one of the things that has impressed her the most after three days at the library is its “friendliness.”“When I interviewed that was one of the things they talked about,” she said, “and it amazes me how this staff interacts with people. They know everyone, and that’s the kind of library we want. As welcomed as I have felt this week, I want us to continue to be the welcoming5 place we’ve always been.”And Becker couldn’t help by laugh again when she talked about the morning that preceeded her meet-and-greet and included a summer reading program.“It was great to be back with kids again,” she said. “As much as I’m looking forward to working with all ages, I love the energy children bring to a library.”

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